Best Friend's Brother S10E01 Young Love

Best Friend's Brother S10E01 Young Love

Young Love is the 1st episode of Season 10 and the 101th over all.


Rico crushes on a girl from Right Direction. Menzie get's "married" to Emery. Tristan and Maiah have their first real date.

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

Main Cast

Kelli Berglund as Ally Lynch

Dove Cameron as Sina Vegaz

Naomi Sequeira as Kayla Santiago-Lynch

Recurring Cast

Angela Moreno as Gensis Howard

Kaitlyn Mahler as Mackenzie Lynch

Mia Talerico as Corinne Vegaz

Victoria Justice as Maiah Lawrence

Pierson Fode as Cody Manning

Billy Unger as Rico Benward

unknown as Emily Kelly

unknown as Emery Kelly

unknown as Ricky Garcia

unknown as Liam Attridge

Mia Talerico as Corinne Vegaz

Audrey Whitby as Chanel Brown

Minor Cast

Allison Holker as Sarah Holker

Translation For The German Parts

Background Information


  • Maiah is scared of her date with Tristan
  • Maiah runs away from her feelings
  • Gen seems to find an intrest in Rico
  • Gen refuses to tell Rico her name
  • Gen is on probation
  • Rico asks Ally why Gen is on probation, but she is not allowed to tell
  • Emery and Menzie get "married"
  • Menzie is jealous because Emery is playing with another girl, which is his sister
  • Ally admires Menzie's confidence
  • According to Chanel, next to Corinne, Menzie is the shy one
  • Ally was so shy she was afraid to talk when she was younger
  • Bailey and Connor will start kindergarten soon
  • Ally thinks that she is a bad mom, because she has no time for her kids