Wellesley College Tower Court
The Whitmore College is in Los Angeles

Known Students

Name Grade Notes
Current Students
Tristan Hawke Junior
Former Students
Mia Denzing 2018 graduated
Cathy Lyle Matthews 2018 graduated
Skylar Jackson 2018 graduated
Ally Lynch 2019 graduated
Avery Braxton 2019 graduated
Bella Thorne 2019 graduated
Irina Schneider 2019 graduated
Lindy Marano 2019 online school, graduated
Logan Benward 2019 graduated
Rico Benward 2019 graduated
Vanessa Davenport 2019 graduated

Chanel Brown

2019 graduated
Lena Atwood 2022 graduated
Malony Seyfried 2022 graduated
Madison Fenty 2020 transferred to Juilliard
Misa James 2022 graduated
Peyton Meyer 2020 dropped out; went to Las Vegas
Sabrina Levine 2020 dropped out; went to Las Vegas

Online Students

Known Staff

Name Job
Professor Saltzman Teacher


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