Doves Rings






Irina, when I first saw you, I might not have noticed you but then when I hit you with the door I knew that you and I had something special, then you left me and came back a year later and it took us a long while to find back to each other and you totally impressed me by proposing to me. That's what I love about you. You aren't normal and that's what makes me the happiest man alive. I love you Rina


Well, thanks for bring that up again. I'm serious. But yeah, we do have a weird relationship, but the fact we survived everything makes it so much easier to be here today. To marry you. It's what made me do the move with the proposing. I just knew that I couldn't give up on us and that I wanted you back and thanks for giving me the most amazing son and a new baby, that is still on it's way to us. I love you Ryland and I can't wait to have happily ever after