Ross and Ally
Characters Shipped

Ross Lynch and Ally Lynch



Portrayed by

Ross Lynch and Kelli Berglund


  • How I Met My Best Friend
    • Ross noticed Ally and couldn't get her out of his head
  • The Concert
    • Ross became jealous when Ratliff said that her and Ryland are cute together. Ross jumps off the stage to talk to Ally, while the rest stayed on stage
  • On Tour
    • Ross told Ally something, that Ryland wanted to keep from her. Ross had a judging look after Ryland said to Ally "And that's why I love you". Ally told Ross, how she became friends with Ryland while everybody else was asleep. They were goofing around and became closer
  • Sparks Fly
  • Song 4 U
    • They exchange their first "I love you"

Similarities and Differences


  • They both have brown eyes
  • Both love music
  • Both sing
  • Both love the color yellow
  • Both have one sister
  • Their mother's were pregnant at the same time (Daniella with Ally; Stormie with Ryland)
  • Ross and Ally's dog share their birthday
  • Both like comfortable clothes
  • Both like pets
  • Both like the same shows
  • Both are actors


  • Ally has brown hair, Ross has blonde
  • Ross can dance, Ally can't
  • Ally is a little shy, Ross is really confident (although Ally became much more confident)
  • Ross isn't picky with food, Ally is picky and a vegeterian
  • She's german, he's american



  • They are parents to 7 children