Best Friend's Brother S07E05 One and Twins

Best Friend's Brother S07E05 One and Twins

One and Twins?! is the 5th episode of Season 7 and the 63th over all.


Ally and Sina give birth to their kids.

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

Main Cast

Kelli Berglund as Ally Lynch

Ross Lynch as Ross Lynch

Ryland Lynch as Ryland Lynch

Ryan Newman as Hayley Vegaz

Dove Cameron as Sina Trace

Gregg Sulkin as Ryan Vega

Isabela Moner as Kayla Santiago-Lynch

Recurring Cast

Peyton Meyer as Peyton Meyer

unknown as Mackenzie Lynch

unknown as Corinne Vegaz

unknown as Connor Lynch

unknown as Bailey Lynch

unknown as Chloe Vegaz

Pearce Joza as Cody Manning

Minor Cast

Translation For The German Parts

Background Information


  • The new Rally House has a video room
  • Ally's water broke
  • Kayla tries to reach Ryland, but he won't answer
  • Hayley suggests to babysit Mackenzie
  • Ryan asks Kayla if she can babysit Corinne, because Sina is on her way to the hospital as well
  • Peyton never babysit before and neither did Hayley
  • Ally and Sina are in the Ocean Park Hospital
  • Kayla calls Cody to hang out with her in the hospital
  • It took Cody 30 minutes to the hospital
  • Cody is an only child
  • Ally gave birth to a boy and a girl
  • Sina and Ryan agree that Chloe is their last child
  • Ryan says Chloe looks like her