Best Friend's Brother S10E02 No Longer Single

Best Friend's Brother S10E02 No Longer Single

No Longer Single is the 2nd episode of Season 10 and the 102nd over all.


Rocky get's a girlfriend

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

Main Cast

Kelli Berglund as Ally Lynch

Ross Lynch as Ross Lynch

Naomi Sequeira as Kayla Santiago-Lynch

Recurring Cast

Kaitlyn Maher as Menzie Lynch

Victoria Moroles as Acacia Parrish

unknown as Bailey Lynch

unknown as Connor Lynch

Rocky Lynch as Rocky Lynch

Pierson Fodé as Cody Manning

unknown as Selena Lynch

Minor Cast

Translation For The German Parts

Background Information


  • Ross had a ringpop wedding as well when he was younger
  • It's Acacia's day off
  • Menzie ate her ringpop and kept the plastic and Emery gave her a ring for her birthday
    • Although it wasn't her birthday
      • It was for the birthdays he missed
        • Ally is pretend jealous because Ross never gave her anything for the birthday's he missed
  • Ross missed 16 of Ally's birthday's, Emery just missed 2
  • Bailey wants to go to kindergarten, so does Connor
  • As of now Kayla and her friends are Juniors
  • Kayla is annoyed of Cody telling her that he loves her all the time
  • Kayla is 17 years old
  • Kayla is not ready to get engaged yet, neither is Cody
  • Kayla wants to be in college before taking the next step in a relationship, neither is Cody