Valerie Beach High School
The Los Angeles Beach High School is the high school from Best Friend's Brother

It contains the grades 9 till 12

Known Students

Current Students
Name Grade Notes
May Bauer 10th Exchange student from Germany
Former Students
Irina Schneider 11th Went back to Germany
Laura Marano 2014 Graduated; Valedictorian
Ryland Lynch 2015 Graduated
Ally Vegaz 2015 Graduated
Logan Benward 2015 Graduated
Lindy Marano 2015 Graduated; Valedictorian
Vanessa Davenport 2015 Graduated
Shelby Dixon 2018 Went to boarding school
Lena Atwood 2019 Graduated
Madison Fenty 2019 Graduated
Misa James 2019 Graduated
Peyton Meyer 2019 Graduated
Hayley Vegaz 2019 Graduated
Malony Seyfried 2019 Graduated
Sabrina Levine 2019 Graduated
Kayla Santiago-Lynch 2022 Gratuated
Maiah Lawrence 2022 Graduated
Cody Manning 2022 Graduated
Tristan Hawke 2022 Graduated

Known Staff

Name Job
Mr. Rosevelt English Teacher

School Teams

Dance Cheerleading Football Soccer Swimming Lacrosse Basketball
Gymnastic Glee Club Ice Hockey Theater Track Running Figure Skating Journalism

Notable alumni


  • The Senior students have a tradition to carve their initials into their lockers
  • Their mascot is the Wildcat