Kayla Santiago-Lynch




FULL NAMED Kayla Ryan Santigo-Lynch
Kayla Santiago (before adoption)
D.O.B. July 10, 2003
FAMILY Stormie Lynch (adoptive grandmother)
Mark Lynch (adoptive grandfather)
Daniella Benward (adoptive maternal grandmother)
Henry Benward (maternal grandfather)
Ally Lynch (adoptive mother)
Ross Lynch (adoptive father)
Mackenzie Lynch (little adoptive sister)
Connor Lynch (little adoptive brother)
Bailey Lynch (little adoptive sister)
Hayley Vegaz (adoptive maternal aunt)
Ryan Vega (adoptive maternal uncle)
Sina Trace (maternal aunt)
Rico Benward (maternal uncle)
Corinne Vegaz (maternal cousin)
Rydel Lynch (paternal aunt)
Rocky Lynch (paternal uncle)
Ryland Lynch (paternal uncle)
Riker Lynch (paternal uncle)
Ellington Ratliff (paternal uncle)
Jacob Vegaz (maternal cousin)
RELATIONSHIPS Cody Manning (fiancé)
JOB Student
SCHOOL(S) Los Angeles Beach Middle School (graduated)
Los Angeles Beach High School (graduated)
Yale University
FIRST Married for a Year
PORTRAYER Isabela Moner (Season 6-8)
Paola Andino (Season 9)
Naomi Sequeira (Season 9-)
"Kayla Ryan Santiago-Lynch" is a character in "Best Friend's Brother"


She is responsible and really grown up for her age. She doesn't like it messy and likes it when she is in control of things. She is a loyal friend and always wants to help, if she knows the people or not. She is an open person.

Character History

Season 13

In Last Christmas she tells Menzie that she was adopted by Ross and Ally, back when she was 13 (Season 6). She also said that her birth parents are called Angela and Angelo. Through this talk, Kayla and Menzie grew closer together as sisters.

Physical Appearance

Kayla has tanned skin and brown hair with brown eyes


Romantic Relationships

Cody Manning (fiancee)

First Relationship:

Second Relationship


Friendships Relationships Conflicts Love Triangles Relatives Family




In Law

Kayla and Maiah Cody and Kayla Kayla and Shelby Cody-Kayla-Tristan Love Triangle Kayla and Ryland Ally and Kayla
Kayla and Tristan Kayla and Travis Kayla and Riker Kayla and Ross
Joey and Kayla Ava and Kayla Ellington and Kayla Bailey and Kayla
Amy and Kayla Kayla and Rocky Connor and Kayla
Alice and Kayla Kayla and Rydel Kayla and Selena
Kayla and Sina Kayla and Menzie
Kayla and Ryan Kayla and Willa
Corinne and Kayla Kayla and Waverly
Kayla and Hayley
Chloe and Kayla
Jacob and Kayla


  • She was born in Chicoago, Illinois, U.S.
  • She's adopted
  • She meets Ally in Married for a Year
  • She is a fan of Ally's
  • Her birth parents died in an car accident and she was with them and barely survived
  • She meets Ross in Recover
  • She needed to stay in the Hospital until a family was found for her
  • She got adopted by Ross and Ally on December 29, 2016 (Ross' birthday)
  • She wanted to have the second name Ryan, just like the other member's of the Vegaz Family
  • She also wanted a double last name
  • She started calling Ally "Mom" in Keystone Christmas
  • She seems confident, but in the world of Hollywood she is shy
  • She always wanted a bay window
  • She's the oldest Hollywood Kid
  • She had her first date with Owen Sailor, but her first kiss with Cody Manning, who she also dated
  • She hates bad boys
  • She hates coffee
  • Her birth parents are Angela and Angelo Santiago
  • Kayla is one of the many characters, that changed her hair to a brighter color


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