Best Friend's Brother S07E06 Best Friend's Trouble

Best Friend's Brother S07E06 Best Friend's Trouble

Best Friend's Trouble is the 6th episode of Season 7 and the 64th over all.


Maiah finds how Kayla really feels. Sina and Ally find it difficult to find time for each other.

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

Main Cast

Kelli Berglund as Ally Lynch

Isabela Moner as Kayla Santiago-Lynch

Dove Cameron as Sina Trace

Ross Lynch as Ross Lynch

Recurring Cast

Pearce Joza as Cody Manning

Ana Golja as Maiah Lawrence

unknown as Mackenzie Lynch

unknown as Corinne Vegaz

Minor Cast

Translation For The German Parts

Background Information

  • This marks Kayla's first kiss, which was with Cody
  • Maiah ends her friendship with Kayla


  • Maiah watches Cody and Kayla and thinks that there is more going on
  • Cody and Kayla share their first kiss, each other's first
  • Kayla thinks that Cody is dating Maiah
  • Cody admits that he always liked Kayla
  • Cody only asked Maiah out because Kayla told her so
  • Ally says that she is 21 years old
  • Sina can't leave Chloe alone with Ryan
  • Maiah confronts Kayla with what she saw
  • Sina and Ally hang out for the first time after them giving birth
  • Sina says she would have loved to do a movie with Ally
  • Sina wants to concentrate on family