Best Friend's Brother S03E08 All Grown Up

Best Friend's Brother S03E08 All Grown Up

Laura Marano Redial Music Video (FANMADE)

Laura Marano Redial Music Video (FANMADE)

All Grown Up is the 8th episode of Season 3 and the 23th over all.


Ally celebrates her 17th birthday and the Redial music video comes out.

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

Redial by Laura Marano

Main Cast

Kelli Berglund as Ally Vegaz

Ross Lynch as Ross Lynch

Ryland Lynch as Ryland Lynch

Riker Lynch as Riker Lynch

Rydel Lynch as Rydel Lynch

Rocky Lynch as Rocky Lynch

Ellington Ratliff as Ellington Ratliff

Ciara Bravo as Irina Schneider

Recurring Cast

Dove Cameron as Sina Trace

Laura Marano as Laura Marano

Olivia Holt as Vanessa Davenport

Gregg Sulkin as Ryan Vega

Luke Benward as Logan Benward

Janel Parrish as Wren Williams

Zendaya as Avery Braxton

Minor Cast

Translation For The German Parts

Background Information


  • Ally is just 5 days younger than Ryland
  • Riker is paying for Ally's driver's license, because he doesn't want to drive her around anymore
  • Vanessa, Logan, Lindy and Avery are paying for Ally's car
  • Ally hits people in her sleep when they are trying to wake her up
  • Ross and Ally still don't have a date for the wedding
  • Laura wants to make sure that Riker doesn't steal the show again
  • The Lynches are throwing a garden party for her
  • Ross gives Ally 4 necklaces for her birthday
  • The Redial Music Video is released