Best Friend's Brother S13E01 Adoption

Best Friend's Brother S13E01 Adoption

Adoption is the 1st episode of Season 13 and the 131th over all.


Madison and Misa want to adopt a baby, which isn't as easy as they thought

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

Main Cast

Kelli Berglund as Ally Lynch

Ross Lynch as Ross Lynch

Ryan Newman as Hayley Vegaz

Dove Cameron as Sina Vegaz

Gregg Sulkin as Ryan Vega

Recurring Cast

Madison Davenport as Misa James

Katherine McNamara as Madison Fenty

Madison Pettis as Malony Seyfried

Sarah Gilman as Lena Atwood

Aubrey Miller as Menzie Lynch

Nina Dobrev as Celeste Talerico

Nikki Hahn as Miranda Fenty-James

Mckenna Grace as Corinne Vegaz

Mia Talerico as Chloe Vegaz

unknown as Emery Kelly

unknown as Emily Kelly

unknown as Liam Attridge (no lines)

Matthew Morris as Ricky Garcia (no lines)

unknown as Jacob Vegaz

Victoria Moroles as Acacia Parrish

Minor Cast

Translation For The German Parts

Background Information


  • Hayley wants to adopt some day, but Riker wants a biological kid first
  • Malony wants to adopt and have a biological kid
  • Riker and Jacob want Hayley to have a baby girl
  • Ross wants another kid
  • R5 is planning a tour for the next year aka Season 14
  • Ross wants a kid called Juliet
  • Miranda is 4 years old
  • Menzie wants to do gymnastics