Best Friend's Brother S07E07 A Part of Wrapping

Best Friend's Brother S07E07 A Part of Wrapping

A Part of Wrapping is the 7th episode of Season 7 and the 65th over all.


Another season of A Part of Growing Up wraps. Hayley and Peyton start slowly to break apart

Songs Featured

Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice

Main Cast

Kelli Berglund as Ally Lynch

Ross Lynch as Ross Lynch

Ryan Newman as Hayley Vegaz

Dove Cameron as Sina Trace

Recurring Cast

Joey Bragg as Danny Hunter

Hal Sparks as Eric Benward

Hailee Steinfeld as Hailee Steinfeld

Peyton Meyer as Peyton Meyer

Leigh-Allyn Baker as Maxi Benward

Kathryn Newton as Shelby Dixon

unknown as Mackenzie Lynch

Billy Unger as Rico Benward

Minor Cast

Shawn Mendes as Shawn Mendes

Translation For The German Parts

Background Information


  • From this episode on A Part of Growing Up boss is no longer I Marlene King, she sold the show and the new bosses are Eric and Maxi Benward
  • Shelby thinks that before she leaves the show, Danny will
  • Sina decided to guest star on A Part of Growing Up
  • Shelby idolizes Sina
  • Sina played a Levi Princeton 10 years ago, when Shelby was 7
  • Princess Levi made Shelby, who she is today
  • Shelby says that Princess Levi were the best 5 years of her life
  • Shelby claims she isn't a bully, she just says what she thinks out loud
  • Hayley wants to know why Peyton likes her, but he has told her many times before
  • Hayley get's mad when Peyton doesn't wanna understand that she isn't hungry
  • Hayley hasn't eaten anything since she woke up
  • Peyton is worried about Hayley, because she won't eat
  • Peyton asks Rico to keep an eye on Hayley
  • A Part of Growing Up ends filming their 3rd season
  • Kayla, Ryland, Rydel and Ellington are babysitting the little ones
  • Ally takes Ross to the wrap party
  • Hailee takes Shawn to the wrap party
  • Hailee wants to start attending Whitmore College
  • Ally likes her teacher Professor Saltzman

A Part of Growing Up Trivia

  • Libby called her daughter Gracie
  • Bea is Gracie's godmother
  • Gracie's full name is Gracie Beatrice Moreno
  • It's revealed that Libby and Landon's last name is Moreno
  • Gracie's second name is Bea's full first name
  • Landon and Sunny broke up
  • Danny's new girlfriend is called Kira Bolton