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The show focuses on the 16 year old Libby Moreno, who is growing up with her twin brother and her friends and tries to figure out how to grow up



Ally Vegaz as Libby Moreno

Danny Hunter as Landon Moreno

Logan Benward as Liam Ruther

Pierson G Posey as Tyrel "TJ" Jenkins

Monroe Sunday as Georgie Ruther


Mackenzie Lynch as Gracie Beatrice Moreno

Domenic Kelly as Paul Jackson

Niall Horan as Jace Shelton


Sina Trace as Kira Bolton


Shelby Dixon as Sunny Lloyd

Hailee Steinfeld as Bea Sullenger

Lucas Byron as Stefan Gerald


  • Libby was originally called Heather
  • Landon was originally called Flynn
  • The show airs on Freeform
  • The show runs from 2015-present
  • Ally's real life daughter portrays her TV daughter
  • Shelby was kicked out of the show due her behavior and the fact she was send to boarding school

Trivia for the show

  • Bea is Gracie's godmother
  • Gracie gets her second name from Bea, whos full name is Beatrice
  • Stefan broke up with Libby because he moved away
  • Bea moved away as well
  • Liam was like Stefan (he moved away from his girlfriend and broke up with her)
  • Paul Jackson is the teacher of the main cast